New episodes are added to the guide as they are released. 

(June 5, 2018)

Episode 1: 

Let's Get Popping! 

An introduction to the hosts, the format, and the methodology of Feminist Popcorn. 

(June 19, 2018)

Episode 2: 

Coming of Age

Thirteen, Persepolis, and Lady Bird.

(July 2, 2018)

Episode 3: 

For Love of the Game

A League of Their Own, Bring It On, and Bend It Like Beckham.

(July 17, 2018)

Episode 4: 

Unconventional Mentors

The Miracle Worker (1962), Uptown Girls, and The Devil Wears Prada

(July 31, 2018)

Episode 5: 

Best Friends

Tangerine, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, and Soul Mate (2016)

(October 2, 2018)

Episode 6: 

We're Back!

A quick update on where we've been and what's to come. 


We're back!

(October 16, 2018)

Episode 7: 

The Young Hero's Journey

Okja, Pan's Labyrinth, and Welcome to the Dollhouse

(October 30, 2018)

Episode 8: 

Fierce  Witches

The Witch, Carrie, and The Craft

(November 13, 2018)

Episode 9: 


Thelma, Black Swan, and The Babadook

(November 27, 2018)

Episode 10: 

Tradition and Family

Whale Rider, Wadjda, and Pieces of April

(December 11, 2018)

Episode 11: 

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The Handmaiden, Notes on a Scandal, and Mean Girls

(December 25, 2018)

Episode 12: 

The "I'm So Cold, Jack!" 

Epic Winter Titanic Spectacular

Titanic, Titanic, and Titanic

(January 8, 2019)

Episode 13: 

Remember Who The Real Enemy Is

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

(January 22, 2019)

Episode 14: 

Body of  a Girl

Ma Vie En Rose, The Fits, and Real Women Have Curves

(February 5, 2019)

Episode 15: 

Girls Will Be Boys

Yentl, Mulan, and The Breadwinner

(February 19, 2019)

Episode 16 (Season One Finale): 

Let's Keep Going

Thelma & Louise

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